Mondays motivation


My flame has always been burning. Sometimes brighter than other times. I’ve learned along the way, the fuel that gets it to burn the brightest and longest, is the love I get from my husband & beautiful daughter. I’m forever & always going to treasure it.
What keeps your flame going?



Hot lemon

A while back, I had been sick had a sore throat. Being preggo you’re kinda limited to meds. So I kept it simple & tried to soothe my throat drinking cups & cups of warm water with lemon & honey. Sometimes added some fresh ginger.


Ever since, I’ve been keeping it up. Noticed that it’s been helping to make sure I’m hydrated & I’ve noticed a difference in my skin.

This is a great way to start your day before grabbing that coffee or tea, and even better to end your day. Perfect warming drink for the winter!

Take care xoxo

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