Running rhythm


When I signed up for my race, I was really confused as to where I should start. I read allot online about different training programmes. Personally, I found them to be a little overwhelming. So I decided that I would first find my own running rhythm.

I was tempted to buy a heart monitor and various other gadgets But, I decided I would just start running. See how far I could run, without the use of any tools. So, I have been doing just that. I think that is the best thing I could have done for me, because by listening to my body and sticking to it – I have managed to find my running rhythm and over this time actually bettering my tme and distance.

I have been running now 5-6 times a week and doing weight training. I also have been using foam rollers, and even though it does feel awkward doing it in front of others at the gym – I think it’s making a big difference to my running.

This is getting better and better for each day. Setting my alarm for 5.30 and ready to just do it!

Take care xoxo


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