Mondays motivation


This is what I needed this monday morning. Sometimes I do just want to throw the towel in, sit on the couch & do nothing. Oh yes, and eat countless scoops of Ben & Jerry’s. But, I stopped myself. I am happy that I made that conscious decision.

I have come to accept that the journey I am on, will be a long one. It’s so hard to accept that because you want fast results. But, it made it easier once I made peace with this. I do have a clear idea of what I want to achieve. But, I know that me wanting success has to be so ingrained in my brain, that I will not give up. This is hard. But, in the end – it will be worth the sweet taste of success.

Have an awesome week! xoxo


Mondays motivation


My flame has always been burning. Sometimes brighter than other times. I’ve learned along the way, the fuel that gets it to burn the brightest and longest, is the love I get from my husband & beautiful daughter. I’m forever & always going to treasure it.
What keeps your flame going?


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