Mondays motivation


This mondays motivation is coming from my fav t-shirt. It fits great and the fabric is soft. But, what i most love is the truth behind the text.
It rings true with everything in life. You have to work for what you truly want. Wishes are not the stuff success is made from. Hard work is.
I’ve been fooling myself to think my eating was ok. But, i’m making some solid changes this week. For example, not to continuously snack & get in enough water. Simple & do-able!

Hope your plans are going well, if not just pick yourself up & evaluate how you can get back on track!
Happy monday! xoxo


2014 Breaking a sweat




Just completed my first workout after baby, and the first of the year. Wow! What an awesome feeling to feel again. One that only working out can make you feel.

I did a 30 min session, with five of my favourite kettlebell moves: Swing, 1 arm swing, Squat, lunge & standing 1 arm side crunch. Took 5 min after for a good stretch. Drank plenty of water during, needing to refill my bottle a few times in between. Ended up with that sweet postworkout sweat!

My husband complimented me afterwards, telling me that he could see that I was back 😉

Haven’t written down any fitness goals this year. I will work on it, but right now listening to my body & taking it slow.

Looking forward to many more sweaty sessions, with my glossy kettlebells 😉

Take care xoxo

Weekday workouts




Got my strength training workouts done this week, felt awesome! Working with my physiotherapist, and taking this slowly.
Admittedly, it’s hard to some days find the motivation to get to the gym but, I never do regret it afterwards 🙂
Renovations being done at home, so discovering new coffee hideouts while being super studious 🙂
Been making smoothies with mangoes. Love the sweet taste of ripe mangoes in my smoothies.
Going to get my weekly training schedule planned for the week, while enjoying some evening vanilla chai tea!

Take care xoxo





Seriously can’t get enough of oats in mornings now. Maybe it’s because the mornings are getting colder, and its nice to start the day off with a warm bowl of creamy oats. Good to switch some smoothie days with the oats.

I eat the organic & gluten-free types. Use what I have on have on hand, the gluten-free is much easier on my tummy. My fav right now is sprinkling some brown sugar & topping it off with slices of banana … Yumminess!

Returning back to healthy eating is a transition, but no reason why it can’t be delicious 🙂


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