Mondays motivation


Guess this should be called late Monday motivation. But, I try to think of these as things to keep me going strong the rest of the week.

Just a while back, we watched The Incredibles with Ella Sophie. She watched it with us once before when she was younger but she really got the whole superhero thing now. Love how she recognizes her dad as Mr.Incredible 🙂
The line from the movie really stuck. It’s so true, but even better is the tone in which she says it. With conviction & just pure damn certainty.

We need to let our past go so that we can truly move forward. Make peace with it, yourself & just move on. There is a whole life waiting for you to live it.

Hope your Monday has been a good one! … Yes, before I forget.. I haven’t been so good at updating. Nearing the end of my 2nd pregnancy & just been busy preparing. Do like this space, so will do my best to fill it up with all of life’s lovely & not so lovely happenings.

Take care xoxo


The virgin post

First posts are always a bit scary. But, I’m jumping straight in & going to get started!

Trying to get back to health & fitness. It’s always been a happy place for me – I’m at my best. After just over a month of not being able to workout because of my pelvic pains, going back to gym seemed like an unfamiliar place.



But, I committed myself to a short 45 min session of warm up cardio & strength training. Got my workout from my physiotherapist.

My postworkout fuel was my never-fail greensmoothie. Haven’t been drinking smoothies for breakfast for over a month aswell.



Can’t make any promises as to how often I will be training or being able to update this space. There might just be days with little text & couple of snaps. But, This feels right, to just be getting back on track. Looking forward to this 🙂

demiglemme xoxo

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