Mondays motivation



I know that something worth fighting for, will always be a tough battle. This is true for love, family, career choices, school etc.  I also know, that we control much more than we think with the power of our minds. It is truly, mind over matter. It’s not something you do just one specific day, but continuously.
I have a goal. It is do-able. But, before me lies all of life’s challenges. I choose not to use them as excuses. I choose rather, to figure our how to balance it all. It is never easy but, I want success bad enough to see this through.

Mind over matter.

Happy monday! xoxo


Mondays motivation


This is what I needed this monday morning. Sometimes I do just want to throw the towel in, sit on the couch & do nothing. Oh yes, and eat countless scoops of Ben & Jerry’s. But, I stopped myself. I am happy that I made that conscious decision.

I have come to accept that the journey I am on, will be a long one. It’s so hard to accept that because you want fast results. But, it made it easier once I made peace with this. I do have a clear idea of what I want to achieve. But, I know that me wanting success has to be so ingrained in my brain, that I will not give up. This is hard. But, in the end – it will be worth the sweet taste of success.

Have an awesome week! xoxo

Microdermabrasion at home



While pregnant, I came across a super simple at home facial scrub that left my face feeling very soft & glowing. Now, it’s possible that some of that glow was actually because of being preggo. But, recently after using it I have found the same effects.
The items should be somewhere in your kitchen, and it’s just three simple ingredients.

I have used expensive exfoliation products, and this scrub is way better than store bought products. Coconut oil is also great for oily skin. It’s a great multi-purpose oil that I use for both cooking and beauty. Of course, I have one separate bottle for the kitchen and the bathroom 🙂
Olive oil works really great too. But, I have seen better results with coconut oil.

Coconut lime scrub:
2 parts coconut oil (use organic if you can)
1 part baking soda
lime zest

Mix the coconut oil and baking soda and add the lime zest. Easy!
I gently massage the scrub all over my face, also including my neck. I let it sit for about 5-10 minutes. I use the remainder of the scrub and rub it over both the top of my hands. This scrub is really great for all skin types, and very important if you have dry skin. It helps to remove all dead skin cells and the coconut moisturises like no other. I try do it every two weeks or so or every week if i feel that I need it.
Result.. leaves your skin feeling baby soft and smelling great too!
Just a note, if you use it on your lips and around your lips – it will taste really salty because of the baking soda.

Here’s to glowy dewy skin as we move into the beautiful spring/summer months! 🙂 xoxo

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