Seriously can’t get enough of oats in mornings now. Maybe it’s because the mornings are getting colder, and its nice to start the day off with a warm bowl of creamy oats. Good to switch some smoothie days with the oats.

I eat the organic & gluten-free types. Use what I have on have on hand, the gluten-free is much easier on my tummy. My fav right now is sprinkling some brown sugar & topping it off with slices of banana … Yumminess!

Returning back to healthy eating is a transition, but no reason why it can’t be delicious 🙂



One thought on “Oat-so-good!

  1. David and I have oats for brekkie quite often, I love that he loves it so much and it feels good to start the day with a warm bowl of oats in his little tummy. 🙂 He doesn’t eat other porridge though, he calls oats “riktig gröt” and would rather not have “tomtegröt” or “mannagrynsgröt” etc no matter if I tempt him with sugar and cinnamon. 😀

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