Mondays motivation

I’ve always thought that it was kind of silly how certain days of the week affect my mood. Well they do, and i’m right there with allot of folks that love that awesome Friday feeling. But, to try get my mind in the right frame after the weekends – decided to find something that inspires me to make the rest of my week brilliant.


There was something about this quote that really hit home. We all have our days or maybe even weeks where, we feel down. Lately, I have been doing what I can to take charge again & be in control of my life happiness. My family & friends know me to be a bubbly, happy & positive soul.  So, I’m on mission to happy-Demi. Going to make these ‘my days’ count & really kick negativity in the butt.

Looking forward to this new chapter & welcoming it with open arms.

Take care xoxo



2 thoughts on “Mondays motivation

    • Hey Anna! Thanks 🙂 great to hear from you! Going to sit in a cosy corner & enjoy reading your blog 🙂 The kids are all so big now! Beautiful family xoxo

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